**We have Beef Jerky for Sale!**


.55 lb rail weight - $50.00 kill fee
.55 lb rail weight
Price includes the kill, smoked hams, bacons and sausage.
$100.00 each
Includes kill, cut, and wrap.
Wild Game
.90 lb
Cut, Grind, Freezer Wrap
Smoked Fish
$2.50 lb
10 lb minimum
We can add beef/pork suet in the grind for $1.00 per lb
Grind Only
.50 lb
Grind & Freezer Wrap
.70 lb
Animals should be skinned or we can skin them for you.
Antelope: $15 | Deer: $15 | Elk: $25 | Moose: $35
Vacuum Sealing (additional charge)
Antelope: $15 | Deer: $15 | Elk: $30 | Moose: $40
Snack Sticks
$3.50 / lb (Wet Weight)
(5 lb minimum per flavor)
Flavors: Pepperoni, Jalapeño, Original (Personal favorite) Mandarin Teriyaki
Summer Sausage
$3.00 lb (Wet Weight)
(6 lb minimum(2 chubs) per flavor)
Flavors: Original, Jalapeño
(Add Cheese $1.00 /lb extra) Pepper Jack or Cheddar
(Personal Favorite: Jalapeño Cheddar Summer Sausage)
Ground and Formed for $3.50 lb (Wet Weight)
Stripped Jerky for $4.00 lb (Wet Weight)
(5 lb minimum per flavor)
Flavors: Three Pepper (most Popular), Teriyaki, Cracked Pepper, Original, Chipotle, Sweet & Spicy, Jalapeño
Fresh Sausage
$2.00 lb (Links add $.50 lb)
(5 lb minimum per flavor)
Flavors: Country Breakfast Style, Maple Breakfast, Italian, Hot Italian, Bratwurst.